Tuesday, September 27, 2011

v5 is live!

Available in Android Market

New features:

  • Enabled "move to SD"
  • Custom colors with hue/saturation slider
  • Some new preset colors
Working on some cool new stuff for v6!


  1. Hi, i would like to start making live wallpapers, wich programs did you use?

  2. Hi! You need to start with the Android SDK and Eclipse! There is a wallpaper example included with the Android SDK, but it is not very good. After that you need to choose an OpenGL framework. email me if you want: dc@zantetsuken.co.za

  3. Maybe you can make v7 change colors automatically.....like each ring change a differnt color or change color when touched or when. The rings move in another direction?

  4. Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately there is no "quick" way to change the colors so this would result in a pause of the spins every time the colors changed. I think this might annoy people, but I could add it.