Monday, September 19, 2011

App Review - Android Central

Yay! We made Android Central!


  1. Great lwp! Thanks, one of the few worth paying for! Hoping you'll be doing more color schemes, perhaps something more "minimalistic"? (Grey/blacks, less "center" oriented? )

  2. Hi! Thanks for your feedback and I'm really glad you like the LWP! I will definitely be adding more color schemes. I'll try add some more per week. I have added gray to the request list. Not sure how to do blacks, since the background (the background of the background) is black? Do you mean just a bunch of dark shades?

  3. LOL. I guess I'm not really certain what I mean. ;-)
    I find sometimes really bright color schemes in LWPs can interfere with seeing/viewing onscreen icons? giving a "cluttered" look?
    So I guess a "bunch of dark shades" is right? Something less focused on a bright center and a little more "sparse"? IDK. I ended up using the blue/mag scheme, turning up the minimum bright, and turning down the max, slowed it down a bit, giving a more "subtle" presence. Love this, my fave LWP to date.
    Regardless, thanks for the lovely work you have *already* done on this.

  4. Thanks man! I appreciate the comment! If you drop me an email, I can try come up with something "darker" and send it to you.
    Today is kind of a write-off owing to my actual job, but I'll get there. Thanks again for the compliment! FWIW I also hate overactive LWPs. They just make it hard to see icons. Perhaps a deep maroon or burgundy will work? Some dull hue.